Medical Negligence Compensation Claims
Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Claiming Compensation for Cosmetic surgery and Plastic surgery compensation claims

If you have suffered as a result of negligent cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery, you may be able to make a medical negligence compensation claim.

Cosmetic surgery is a growing area in the UK but unfortunately some of the medical staff conducting theseFAQ procedures are under-qualified and do not have the necessary specialist skills to carry out the operations safely.

Surgeons specialising in cosmetic surgery must register with the GMC specialist register if starting up after 2002, and many already in practice have registered as well. But a report by the Chief Medical Officer in 2005 found that surgeons who only did cosmetic surgery were the least likely to have registered as specialists.  Every year there are victims of less careful colleagues and of clinics run by less scrupulous businessmen who cut corners on nursing staff and aftercare.

Common types of cosmetic surgery that can have a risk of adverse outcomes include:

Some of the common areas of negligence within the cosmetic and plastic surgery fields include:

As many cosmetic surgery operations are conducted on a private fee paying basis (rather than through the NHS) you can sue on a breach of contract basis if you have received negligent care. You can also get help to pursue a claim if your operation was carried out by the NHS.

Compensation claims can be pursued following any type of surgery where someone can be shown to have been negligent. A specialist medical negligence solicitor will assess your situation and tell you if you have a valid claim.

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How much can I claim?

A number of factors will determine the value of your settlement:

What can I claim compensation for?

Making a claim for compensation

A specialist medical negligence solicitor can assess your case and inform you about: