Medical Negligence Compensation Claims
Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

Claiming Compensation for Gynaecology and Obstetrics compensation claims

If you or your child suffered an injury during child birth or pregnancy, and believe the injury was caused by medical negligence, you may be able to make an obstetrics or maternal injury compensation claim.

Obstetrics is the branch of medicineFAQ which deals with pregnancy and the birth of babies. Gynaecology is the branch of medicine which deals with women’s diseases, particularly of the reproductive organs. These two areas together account for many of the medical negligence claims pursued in the UK each year.

Some of the common areas arising in compensation claims include:

Whether you have suffered a maternal injury, a still birth or undetected birth defects, and you feel that you are the victim of medical negligence you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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How much can I claim?

A number of factors will determine the value of your settlement:

What can I claim compensation for?

Making a claim for compensation

A specialist medical negligence solicitor can assess your case and inform you about:

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